GIG Networks presents Aradial Converged Billing Software - ARCB - Convergent Billing

In today's dynamic telecom arena, convergent billing is no longer a theoretical concept but a reality. In a constant struggle to improve their buttom line, operators and service providers are looking for flexible and configurable solutions that reduce churn and costs.

Following its long tradition of excellence, Aradial introduced Aradial Converged Billing (ARCB), a convergent prepaid and postpaid billing rating and customer-care platform. With a customer-centric approach, easy-to-use GUI and excellent performance, Aradial's ARCB is ideal for small, medium and large operators and service providers. The new platform supports open standards and innovative technologies for billing and rating of a rich basket of services, including Wimax, Mobile, ISP, VoIP, Wi-Fi, hotspots, DSL, cable, wireless, LTE and more.

ARCB can be deployed either as an end-to-end real-time billing and customer care system, or as an adjunct to legacy billing systems. It is also high-performing, scalable and highly available solution that can be rapidly deployed into the IT core and for rapid introduction of new services and offers.

Unmatched Benefits

Aradial's converged billing and rating system is easy to deploy and use. Backed by one of the best RADIUS AAA appliances on the market today, the solution is flexible and extremely cost effective.

Aradial Presentation
Aradial Billing Datasheet
Aradial AAA Brochure
RADIUS Overview
Aradial AAA Wimax

  • Support of multiplay services
  • Rapid deployment in virtually any environment
  • Flexibility to add features faster than with any other system
  • Excellent support from Aradial's team of experts
  • Easy migration from existing systems
  • Ideal for telecom IP service providers

Rich Functionality in a Cost-Effective Package

Aradial's ARCB charging, rating and invoicing procedures are very flexible and easy to follow. Charging and rating are done periodically accordingly to the user's selection, including one-time charges, allowances and destination charging (for VoIP only). Invoices are based on an XSL layout and can therefore be easily branded according to the service provider's look and feel. They can be sent to subscribers by email and/or printed to PDF. Trouble ticketing and management of the network's black and white lists are also supported.

The customer management user interface offers a myriad of features so that users can easily and intuitively enter customer information, search for customers, view customer sessions and the history of successful and unsuccessful calls, and make time and monetary adjustments. And ARCB also comes with a dealer/business partner management module that enables dealers to manage their own users transparently.

Functional Offering

Aradial's converged billing and rating solution caters to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers and to a very wide range of convergent services, including WiMAX, ISP, mobile, VoIP and more on the same platform:

  • Converged services
  • Converged prepaid and postpaid subscribers.
  • Bundle services for multi-play
  • Real-time Online Charging Server (OCS).
  • Include RADIUS and Diameter AAA module.
  • Scalable to handle millions of users and concurrent sessions on low-end hardware.
  • Hierarchal customer structure and administration.
  • Role based administration.
  • Extended HTML user interface for customer database.
  • Self care for users, accounts and partners.
  • VMS - Advanced Voucher Managment system including Prepaid cards and top-up vouchers
  • Product catalog.
  • Flexible rating charging.
  • Diameter: Gx and Gy/Ro/Rf
  • PCRF - Policy Control managment. Combine PCRF and charging.
  • M2M Billing including all the componenets.
  • LTE Billing including charging application of Ro/Rf/Gy/Gz and Gx (PCRF).
  • Business control engine.
  • Hotbilling and CDR charging support.
  • Multi-session support with balance management (quota management).
  • Automatic invoice generation and remittal.
  • Multiple billing cycles.
  • Recurring charges (RC), one-time charges and RC proration.
  • Multi currency
  • Account Receivables (A/R).
  • Enhanced Audit control
  • Advanced reporting and statistics.
  • Prepaid statements.
  • Credit limits.
  • Trouble ticketing.
  • PRM- Business Partners and Resellers module - including partners hierarchy.
  • Wholesale billing.
  • CRM - 360view, customer history and ticketing
  • Fidelio - PMS as a payment system
  • SMART-HLR - MAP gateway - connecting to HLR for 3G wifi offload

360-Degree View of Subscribers and Transactions

Always attuned to the needs of its customers in today's dynamic and changing markets, Aradial's converged billing and rating solution offers an advanced 360-degree view of every subscriber and transaction.

ARCB offers a web-based self-care portal for users and accounts that enable subscribers to acquire new offers and upgrades, access their accounts, change tariff plans, view recharge details, recharge accounts, and view and pay invoices. This functionality is backed by a powerful product catalog that includes price plans and offers (one time and add on). Customers can issue payments using credit card, cash and/or check.