SIMPLer System Products

Essentially there are two client categories – “WIB” (WISP in a Box) and “HIB” (Hotspot in a Box). From a technical perspective the WIB / HIB Client device performs all necessary core network functions for the operator – in the one physical box, removing the need for routers, bandwidth managers, network monitors etc. etc.

The WIB or ‘WISP in a Box’ enables operators to deliver contract based services to their customers/subscribers. Subscribers typically sign a contract for a specific service type and are billed on a regular basis for same e.g. monthly or quarterly. The WIB enables operators to define a broad range of connectivity products, including leased line and high-end dedicated bandwidth. It is therefore ideal for serving the corporate, enterprise, residential and SME markets.

Category Description Product Code Data Sheet
WIB  WISP in a Box  (max 400 subscribers) WISP in a Box WIB400 AZBWIB400 View »
SWIB Super WISP in a Box (max 1000 subscribers) Super WISP in a Box WIB1000 AZSWIB1000 View »
WIB WISP in a Box – Rack (max 1600 subscribers) Super WISP in a Box WIB1000 AZRWIB1600 View »


PART 2: SIMPLer “Server” options

Essentially can choose between two server categories – “Hosted” / “SaaS” (Software-as-a-Service) and “Standalone”.

The Hosted / SaaS (Software as a Service) category allows operators to access the full suite of SIMPLer functions, without any of the hassles of setting up and maintaining servers. In addition all data is hosted in a secure environment as part of the service with essential backup procedures already in place. It is an ideal approach for many operators, especially those that are starting out.

Category Description Product Code Data Sheet
SaaS SIMPLer User License – 100 Users – Hosted – 1 year duration AZULWISP100A View »

Software-as-a-Service or Hosted options


The Standalone category is for operators who prefer to setup and maintain all their own servers. For example, it may be an option for some of the larger operators who already have their own data centre infrastructure. It is also possible for operators to start with the SaaS option and switch to the Standalone at some point in the future. Both the server and user license are required to be purchased from this category.

Description Product Code Data Sheet
SIMPLer Server Tower (max 6000 subscribers) AZTSWISP View »
SIMPLer Server Rack (max 6000 subscribers) AZRSWISP View »
SIMPLer User License – 1000 subscribers once off purchase AZULWISP1000 View »

Standalone Server options


SIMPLer Starter Kits

The following Starter Kits are designed to simplify the ordering process, for operators who wish to get up and running quickly. Essentially they are groupings of the products taken from the SIMPLer Client and Server sections.

Category Description Product Code Data Sheet
SK WISP Starter Kit – everything except the radio equipment  AZWSK View »
SK Metro Starter Kit – everything except the radio equipment AZMSK View »



SIMPLer Starter Support

SIMPLer Customization, Support, Migration, Integration and Training Azotel also offers a comprehensive suite of engineering services available via the below product codes.

Category Description Product Code
Engineering SIMPLer Customization – 1 Day AZCUWISP1D
Engineering SIMPLer Migration, Support, Integration, Training – 1 Day AZSITWISP1D
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