Unlimited Support Calls for one year is $2000 prepaid and includes; RF Planning, Training, Radio Configurations, and Technical Support.  Network Performance Monitoring is also included for one year for up to 8 base stations (requires VPN connectivity to customer network).


RF Planning $100 per hour, 2 hour Minimum prepaid

·         Analyze spectrum availability by analyzing interference potential between wireless systems and TV stations.

·         Primary frequency recommendation; a study that provides recommendations of primary operating frequencies using product spectral analysis to confirm those selected by Nominet, the TVWS database, system are useable.

·         Locations file export/import and conversion service.  Coverts client location information into workable formats for design tools.  Places locations in Google Earth and excel workbook.

·         Best location assessment for Base Stations; Analysis of provided area to determine best placement for transmitters based on the coverage requirements of the customer

·         Area LOS Coverage Maps;  results in KML/KMZ and pdf

·         Link Budget Calculations for Base Station to Subscriber Location Samples and/or Problem Locations

·         System Equipment Configurations; includes BOM for Base Stations, GPS, and Subscribers


Webinar Training $400 prepaid

Training video prerequisite available online

Customer provides equipment in bench test environment.  Methodology is Webinar and Remote Control of equipment.  Includes review of key parts of user manuals and installation guides.  Includes staging for radio links, and basic configuration requirements and services.  The radios are finished as a functioning link, as per client’s link requirements.


Installation Support: Remote Access and Remote Control of equipment is $100 per hour, 4 hour Minimum prepaid.  Prerequisite is completed Webinar Training.  Provides standard configuration of radio parameters, including frequency, channel bandwidth, modulation type, output power, antenna information, IP address, subnet, gateway, equipment name, users and password setups, and other standard parameters.


Problem Support Calls: $100 per hour, 2 hour Minimum, 4 hour Maximum, prepaid.  Problem Support Calls taking longer than 4 hours move to per incident support @ $600 per day per incident unlimited time per day to resolve, paid daily.