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Technical Support (CTAC) Program


Because of the high cost of service programs for Alcatel 1603 SE/SM/SMX products, GIG Networks in 2003 worked with Alcatel to create a Coop program for the IOCs, Utilities, and other companies with Alcatel’s 1603 SONET products.  Today the products are owned and supported by Telmar with ex-Alcatel service executives and the same pricing philosophies.  After the transfer of ownership to Telmar, GIG Networks continued the program on its own and has grown to a base of 19 customers, some very large and some very small.


Instead of having to pay $10K to $30K for a Tech Support contract for a large number of support calls you will never use, the GIG Networks’ Technical Support Program allows you to buy support calls @ $1000 per call and the number of calls you think you will need.  Each GIG Networks CTAC “Call” is based on Incident Resolution, not an hourly rate.  You pay only $1000 per call no matter how long it takes to help you to resolve the problem.  You get an engineer that speaks fluent English and that can easily aid you with remote access into your systems. We have the very best x-Alcatel engineers providing the same support for much less on the 1603s.  The 1631 LMC/SMC & 1630 techs with us have 10+ years of experience with a lab of the equipment for more difficult situations.  The cost is $1000 per call for the 1603s with a 3 call minimum order.  For the 1631 LMC/SMC and 1630 cross-connect products the cost is $1500 per call with a 4 call minimum order.  Additionally now available are Repair & Return services for the 1603, 1631 LMC/SMC, & 1630 which are optional and quoted separately.


The GIG Networks’ Technical Support Program removes the risk of not having a service contract.  Without a 1603 services agreement you would have to pay hourly rates at a minimum of $500 times 4 hours minimum equals $2000 per Technical Assistance Call.  And, an additional $500 per hour until resolved if it takes longer than four hours.